Fourth Of July​/​Please Don't - Single

by Zoo Brother




Fourth Of July & Please Don't - Single : Released November 12th 2013. Fourth of July has been floating around on the internet as a lo-fi unmixed demo from Zoo Brother (formerly Oli Oli Oxen Free) for a year. It has been handed down from friend to friend, concert to concert (guerrilla style marketing like that). We are now happy to be releasing a polished version of Fourth Of July and a brand new B-side called 'Please Don't'. Hope you all enjoy.


released 12 November 2013

The Dovers, our friends, foxes in fiction, Run DMT, The Candy Sharks, friends of friends, some of the girls we've dated, our dream girls, drama, that girl named maya, parties we've been to, mistakes we've made, our family, chicago, our promoters, bloggers and hipsters, the Grow-Ops, that one kid named janky who hates our music. if you think one of these songs are about you it probably is




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Zoo Brother Chicago, Illinois

Zoo Brother is the dream pop/garage pop band based in Chicago

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Track Name: Fourth Of July
I'll never smoke another joint without you
I know I won't another phase without you
I'll never go another day without you
I know I won't another game without you

I'll never choke and scare myself without you
I know I won't the moments I spend without
I'll never go and be another boy who lost you
I know I won't another day behind you
Track Name: Please Don't
How do I tell her you're all I think about
When you are not around, I wish you were around
How do I show her I'd rip my heart to shreds
just to get her in my bed and erase her from my head

I never seem to break out of these same old scenes
when i'm at home I just wish you'd come back to me
I think about this all the time and everybody knows
If there's one thing I could ask, only one thing, please don't

Another reason I don't try when your around
Because she's in town getting all about
I'd live without you to make your life a hell
As long as your allowed to keep following me around