Gemini Girl - EP

by Zoo Brother

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" It is a luscious package painted with samples woven tightly until they are just slightly familiar and colorfully illusive." - Local Loop

"Track after track, Zoo Brother delivers up-tempo beats, feel-good vibes with glistening synth, groovy bass and guitar lines, and an overall reverb-heavy sound." - Murmurmur

"The opening track, “Fourth of July,” starts with the appropriate sound of fireworks shooting off before its catchy jangle kicks in with a quick layered verse following right in behind it. It is a perfect introduction into what Zoo Brother have in store for you. " - the Fire Note


released February 22, 2014



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Zoo Brother Chicago, Illinois

Zoo Brother was the dream pop/garage pop band based in Chicago

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Track Name: Fourth of July
I'll never smoke another joint without you
I know I won't another phase without you
I'll never go another day without you
I know I won't another game without you

I'll never choke and scare myself without you
I know I won't the moments I spend without
I'll never go and be another boy who lost you
I know I won't another day behind you
Track Name: Psychic Whatever (w/ Atlas Murphy)
Whatever makes you feel alright i let my body to the sky
Whatever makes you feel alright i let my bud tell a lie
Whatever makes you feel alright i let my love meet your eye
Whatever makes you feel so bright I let my love, i let it love

Used to melt from your gaze but now it's hardly the same,
it all comes back to what you wanted
Trapped in your love sick daze, and now there's nothing to say,
nothing seems like what you promised
Getting stoned with your friends just to tie up loose ends
like the way this all got started
Memories stashed away all for some psychic replay
it all comes back to what you wanted
Track Name: Gemini Girl
Show me how take it on
Show me how to keep it up
Hide my fears within these walls
Grip the ground avoid it all
She'd love to know

In your head you slow it down
Thoughts come in but don't give out
Her eyes keep you within her pull
Her heart rests in within your soul
She'd love to know
Track Name: Dreamwalking
The days I struggle
Keep me from falling back
Into things that i know and you know and we know and they know
that are traps
it's so beyond me
to show that I'm okay
so natural to be lonely
you don't want me
just trust me okay

I said I'd never think about it when you were not here
You said you'd never think about it when I wasn't there
so turned off
We tend to find ourselves walking into dreams

Sometimes I fade out
or I'll burn these thoughts away
It's sad to say but we are old and we'll die just as fast as we came
they are old and they'll die just as fast as they came
You think it's so cool
when youre way too drunk to walk
And it's all coming down
to how high you can be when all the guys come to talk
Track Name: If I Could (You Would Know)
It's so lame that you talk about this like there's something more for you to say
that will change the way so we feel the same tonight
It's okay I dont need to know about the countless times that you fucked up to show how quickly you knew I was the one

Can't wait to shut their mouths just to close out all of those dragging days that make them sure the thoughts that which they could endure were wrong
Why's it seem like the only time that your friends will care is when your there you've moved so far among them all to call
Track Name: Please Don't
How do I tell her you're all I think about
When you are not around, I wish you were around
How do I show her I'd rip my heart to shreds
just to get her in my bed and erase her from my head

I never seem to break out of these same old scenes
when i'm at home I just wish you'd come back to me
I think about this all the time and everybody knows
If there's one thing I could ask, only one thing, please don't

Another reason I don't try when your around
Because she's in town getting all about
I'd live without you to make your life a hell
As long as your allowed to keep following me around